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"This project is my own initiative" - CEO Max. In this case expectation were built from my side. A lot of brave heroes took a weapon in their hands and went to a front line to protect our Ukraine, but there is another side of war, where another heroes create all conditions for support brave warriors on front line. So expectations was to built a proper UX for main fund who is helping our army

Business Challenge

Work during the air bombing and cruel fights on the streets


I wouldn't say that there was a strategy. The only process I had in mind was to focus on the most efficient decision that I can generate in such conditions and send it directly to the fund

Brand Assets

UX Research

I made very fast a various UX researches and just tried to take the best solutions out of everything I could find


I skipped the stage with wireframes and get directly to high-fidelity screens because every minute matters and even small amount of money could save or influence on someone's life

Platform Screens

The basic idea was to simplify process of checkout, that the whole process would take only a few clicks and give the whole required information to the user like types of payments, what are the first needs, how much cost some equipments and etc


I sent the proposal to the fund with hope that it will help them to increase their efficiency and as a result it will help save more lives and stop the war in my country. I see that in the end result the fund has even more efficient UX and hope that my design gave some direction for another genius who help to build the final design

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