Re-Branding of Ukrainian
Electric Tools Manufacturer


We were aimed to redesign a full brand with big history and pack it into a new story with modern and simply minimalistic direction.

Business Challenge

Transform overloaded brand into a simple space-aesthetic style with note of renovation business.

Our Impact

During our collaborative partnership with "Dnipro-M," we played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's visual identity. As one of the key contributors, we helped create the new "Dnipro-M" brand look. Furthermore, by developing efficient template system, we saved the company over $5000 per month while consistently delivering impactful social media materials and high-quality product designs


We have built a strategy of developing the products after the first meetings. Such approach gives our clients understanding of the next steps and approximate estimations.

Brand Assets


Any information has a value and can create a competitive advantage. That is why, in respect of confidential information, time, client's investments and efforts that were made, we are not eligible to show a full spectrum of researches.


Project had a great background for creation a future style after research stage. So, the first step to the great brandbook was a logo creation.


Around the logo and approaches of usage it, we started to build other components that was used as a great and strong fundamentals of future style.

Packing and representation of brand on electronic tools played a key role in brand identity. Moreover, to make our work even more efficient, we were working on every single detail inside the brand, even such small as a tiny sticker on the tool with basic characteristics.


We have build a unique experience that allowed our client to expand his client's list more than +1.5 Million customers. Moreover, that brand style was applied on +400 stores and full range of products.

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