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The client expressed a desire for a website characterized by clear and intuitive navigation, strategically designed to facilitate lead generation. Additionally, the client emphasized the importance of simplicity, clarity, and a logical structure. Furthermore, it was specified that the website should incorporate vibrant and bright visual elements

Business Challenge

The primary business challenge at hand was to construct a robust lead generation funnel, a task that demanded a careful and strategic approach to ensure the development of an effective system for capturing and converting leads efficiently


We have built a strategy of developing the products after the first meetings. Such approach gives our clients understanding of the next steps and approximate estimations.

Brand Assets

UX Research

Any UX information has a value and can create a competitive advantage. That is why, in respect of confidential information, time, client's investments and efforts that were made, we are not eligible to show a full spectrum of researches


After basic UX researches, building informational architecture & creating user flows ... Project had a great basis for creation a mid-fidelity wireframes, grid and high fidelity screens.

Website Screens

The Bearworks platform elevates a business team's performance, turning it into a proficient revenue-generating engine through the implementation of an AI-powered Sales Conversation. In succinct terms, it is a platform synonymous with unparalleled productivity


A pivotal component of the platform, it ensures seamless collaboration and synergy among all systems, thereby enhancing productivity and maintaining data consistency. Additionally, its objective is to mitigate the challenges related to heightened inter-system communication complexities


Blogging serves as a valuable medium for disseminating information about your business and its services, while concurrently expanding your client base. Furthermore, it provides an effective means to cultivate a distinct personality for your company, enhancing credibility and approachability


As a design agency, we consistently excel in meeting and exceeding expectations by successfully addressing the unique business challenges presented to us. Our commitment to excellence ensures the seamless fulfillment of tasks, resulting in solutions that align precisely with client expectations and surpass industry standards

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