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We undertook the task of crafting a brand style for the corporate website, strategically designed to narrate the story and highlight the advantages of the products. The brand incorporates a palette of three distinct colors, meticulously adhering to the brand guidelines

Business Challenge

The business challenge at hand involved the integration of incongruent colors outlined in the brand book. This task required a sophisticated approach to harmonize and seamlessly combine these seemingly mismatched color elements, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing representation in accordance with the brand guidelines


We have built a strategy of developing the products after the first meetings. Such approach gives our clients understanding of the next steps and approximate estimations

Brand Assets


After basic UX researches, building informational architecture & creating user flows ... Project had a great basis for creation a mid-fidelity wireframes, grid and high fidelity screens.

Website Screens

Unfortunately, this project presented a substantial volume of content within each section. Employing a visual language approach, our objective was to mitigate information overload and enhance the overall user experience by streamlining and organizing the content effectively

Another effective visual strategy employed involved the segmentation of a large section into smaller, more digestible components. This approach facilitated the retention of essential information while presenting it in a more accessible and comprehensible manner


The Blueocen team had a request about highlighting a magnificent stories of their top management, especially CEO and Strategic Advisor


The "Services" section posed a significant challenge due to the diverse range of offerings that needed to be consolidated into 1-2 sections with disparate descriptions. Managing this complexity and ensuring a cohesive presentation required meticulous attention to detail and strategic design decisions

Communication with User

The overarching objectives of the entire page were twofold: to serve as an informative resource and a catalyst for lead generation. Consequently, all Call-to-Action (CTA) elements were strategically designed to seamlessly guide users either to the product page or prompt them to complete the contact form


We adeptly fulfilled our objectives by crafting a distinctive brand style for the corporate website. This tailored design not only narrates the story of the brand but also effectively communicates the unique advantages of the products, ensuring a compelling and engaging online presence

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