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Our objective was to revamp the entire brand, culminating in the development of sophisticated software aimed at streamlining and automating drayage operations. The ultimate goal was to create a polished representation that aligns seamlessly with the brand's vision

Business Challenge

The primary business challenge involved comprehending the intricacies of cybersecurity mechanics within a concise timeframe. Subsequently, the task extended to devising user-intuitive flows integrated with sales funnels tailored to these cybersecurity mechanisms, demanding a strategic and user-centric design approach


We have built a strategy of developing the products after the first meetings. Such approach gives our clients understanding of the next steps and approximate estimations.

Brand Assets

UX Research

Any UX information has a value and can create a competitive advantage. That is why, in respect of confidential information, time, client's investments and efforts that were made, we are not eligible to show a full spectrum of researches, but we will share some light version of 1-2 UX researches to show you that we are aware how to work with it.


After basic UX researches, building informational architecture & creating user flows ... Project had a great basis for creation a mid-fidelity wireframes, grid and high fidelity screens.

Website Screens

We conducted a thorough analysis of the diverse features within the project, discerning variations among products. This insightful evaluation informed the development of a distinctive page and section structure, facilitating the seamless highlighting of features. This approach enabled the creation of multiple pages with similar layouts but featuring distinct content and illustrations


The ultimate design not only met but surpassed the expectations, significantly contributing to our client's success in securing an additional 8 million dollars in investments. This outcome underscores the effectiveness and impact of our strategic design approach in achieving tangible business goals

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