Landings & Marketing Materials for
Trading Broker Platform


We were aimed to create high quality digital products that are visually appealing for the users. Moreover, it should showcase the features and benefits of the trading platform, as well as provide clear calls-to-action for users to sign up and learn more

Business Challenge

Managing client expectations and balancing creative freedom with client's partner requirements (BC Real Madrid). Moreover, each brand had different priorities and deadlines, and it was challenging to ensure that everyone is on the same page

Our Impact

During our partnership, we fostered close collaborations with notable individuals such as a representative from BC "Real Madrid" and the Vice President of Maxitech, along with various C-level executives. With our unwavering commitment to high-quality design, we assisted our client in attracting an impressive influx of over 120,000 new leads. This surge in leads directly contributed to generating approximately $1.5 million in revenue. Furthermore, our efficient system of templates optimized production processes, resulting in a significant cost reduction of 50%


We have built a strategy of developing the products after the first meetings. Such approach gives our clients understanding of the next steps and approximate estimations

Brand Assets

We found ourselves in a situation where we had two different brandings: one from Real Madrid which uses yellow and blue as secondary colors, and the other from ETFinance which uses blue as primary colors. Although there were some issues with color and contrast, we were able to successfully incorporate the full color palette

UX Research

Any UX information has a value and can create a competitive advantage. That is why, in respect of confidential information, time, client's investments and efforts that were made, we are not eligible to show a full spectrum of researches


After the basic UX researches project had a great basis for creation a mid-fidelity wireframes, grid and high fidelity screens

Website Screens

We followed obvious goal: The platform should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. The layout should be simple and intuitive, allowing users quickly become a real traders

Promo Materials

The materials were designed to educate potential customers about the benefits of the platform and how it can help them achieve their trading goals. Moreover, the system of templates allowed our client to create an informative posts

HTML Emails

Email system was one of the crucial instruments for generating profit. So we created a library of repetitive components with templates that allowed us to double our speed for development HTML emails


In essence, the purpose of this design endeavor is to develop advertising content that efficiently advertises the trading broker platform to potential clients and persuades them to enroll. The marketing materials were successful in conveying the advantages of the platform and retaining customers by emphasizing essential components such as partnering with Real Madrid , visuals, clear calls-to-action, and optimizing HTML-emails.

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